Digging Away

The excavation for the addition continues.

Hand digging the foundation

When I designed this addition I was thinking we might be able to avoid excavating the whole area by doing a partial slab foundation, but the engineer felt it would be a better situation if we did this. And to be honest the waterproofing details worked out better, too. It does mean more digging, but it's going pretty well.

Friday was cut short because it started raining. Smart people do not dig in the rain, and these contractors are smart people. Over the weekend we took more of our random stuff out of the house. It seems like we spent half a year moving out of that house and there is still stuff there. At this point, most of what is left is leaving to go to other people, like the seven bookcases we gave away to friends last night. But yes, there is still stuff there. UGH.

posted by ayse on 05/09/16