Rebarred Up

Over the last week, the contractors have finished digging out the hole, laid the bed of gravel with drainage, laid Stego Wrap, and built the addition to the mat slab foundation (plus walls).

It's been kind of crazy to watch. I mean, I literally drew the details for this so I thought through the installation sequence months ago, but it's a totally different experience to see it happen in real life. I literally do this every day at work, and every time the difference between the paper drawing and real life is always amazing. And even more so when it's your own house.

Not to mention, this experience is so much less stressful and so much better coordinated than our last foundation experience.

Looking west

Here's looking to the west over the sump (which is not moving).

Looking south

And looking out from the basement to the south (towards the back yard).

Pretty cool, huh? It's really starting to turn into a room.

And you want to see three weeks of work happen super fast? Check out the time lapse:

(We are encoding alternate video types for this but they take time, so if your browser is having trouble with it try downloading the video directly.)

posted by ayse on 05/22/16