The Second Floor

Lots and lots of progress this week. I mean, lots. Like, the whole second floor.

Yeah, really, a second floor

There it is, showing up all of a sudden, last night.

One thing that took a really long time was the installation of two steel columns in the new rear stairwell.

Stairwell with two steel columns

You can see them here. They are wrapped in wood studs (for nailing).

More complicated than you might think

And another view, looking up. It's a lot trickier than you might think to wrestle one of those into place. Each one took a pretty long time to prepare and move into place.

Prepped column waiting for installation

This is one of them lying on the ground, waiting for installation.

These things are burly

And here is the base. These things are not messing around.

Anyway, once the two steel columns were in place, framing went super, super fast. It's a lot easier when you're making new walls than when you are tying into existing weird walls.

They made the walls in panels and then attached them in place

Basically, the guys assembled the walls as panels on the open floor, then nailed them together. So there was a lot of quiet quiet quiet then BOOM, walls all over the place. This photo above was taken yesterday evening.

Using the front bedroom as a cutting room

Some of what was happening off-screen was cutting studs to size in the front bedroom. A familiar behaviour.

Upstairs framed up

And when I say holy cow, this is near the end of the day today, the upstairs pretty much all framed. Holy cow.

As a reminder, this:

Panorama camera

...was not even a month ago.

Want to see 27 or so days of framing in one go? I know you do:

(If your browser is having trouble, try downloading the video directly.)

posted by ayse on 07/08/16