I've been frantically drawing tile details all week and haven't had time to put our many, many photos into a post. That will happen this weekend, never fear.

In the meantime, a few little photos to tide you over:

Furring out the walls in the basement

In the basement the walls are getting furred out. This allows drywall to be installed over them, and outlets can be installed in them. We're not doing this everywhere in the basement but in places where we are planning to install cabinets it makes sense.

Plumbing depot

Rough plumbing got started last week, too, which means the back yard is a plumbing supply depot by day. This is way more efficient than our method of just running to Pagano's every twenty minutes when we need a new fitting.

Rough electrical work is proceeding

Rough electrical is going fast. It's easy to forget how fast a contractor can work when a) they don't need to work a full time other job before getting started, and b) it's not their house, so they can let go of any anxiety about getting it perfect.

Railing tied out of the way

The main staircase handrail was in the way on the staircase, then it was in the way in the parlour. So now it's tied out of the way until it's in the way again. Poor little pink-headed stepchild.

Bedroom sconces

Two bedrooms are getting sconces at the obvious bed locations. Our bedroom (Bedroom 2) and my parents' bedroom (Bedroom 4). This is the ultimate luxury for the reader who likes to lie in bed reading. In the meantime, I have been making a massive list of lighting fixtures to order. For the most part the ship dates are about 4-6 weeks out, so it's coming on time to order them, which means another big bolus of money heading out (the plumbing fixtures was already a heck of a credit card charge). At this rate we are going to have airline miles coming out our ears.

posted by ayse on 09/10/16