Things are Happening

Just a few little looks around the house:

The back door went in

On Monday they installed the new glass back door. Somehow having the door there makes it feel more real than a big opening. This is the best door ever.

Bonus space in the kitchen

I came up with a plan for and the contractor built out this bonus closet in the kitchen. Normally I think the term "bonus room" is BS -- just a way of saying "a room you pay for but we don't have a name for it" -- but in this case this was a bonus because I didn't figure the space would be tall enough. Just another way in which not doing complete building and stair sections gives all kinds of surprises.

In this case we have a short built-in bookcase area, and above it, a closet. We'll have to come up with some kind of ladder system for getting into it because it's well above where I can just hop up. (It has to be that high to allow legal head clearance for the stairs to the basement.)

A wall down in the front bathroom

And in the Accordion Room, they've taken a wall down and removed a bunch of the floor. This room is turning into another bathroom, which is really about the best thing that could happen to it (I'd toyed with the idea of removing it altogether to make a sitting area on the landing). The wall and floor are open to allow for wiring and plumbing. (The pages you see stuck there are plumbing specs and drawings for various subcontractors to show them the design intent.)

In the meantime, my entire trunk is stuffed with the pieces for the clawfoot tub shower that will go in this room, and more are coming. The plumbing supply guy and I both spent a bunch of time puzzling over what pieces were needed. I think we have it down now. This bathroom isn't going to be a primary bathroom for us, but it will be nice to have another bathroom for when the house is full of houseguests.

posted by ayse on 09/02/16