Goodbye Old Roof

On Tuesday the roofers took down the old roof.

The old roof is gone

OK, that photo was a little subtle if you don't know the house very well. How about this one from the rooftop:

It's a little hard to see

That's a little subtle, too, isn't it?

No, really, the old roof is really gone

This is what it looked like in the attic in the front of the house on Tuesday (the roofers have since installed plywood sheathing over the old wood slats). That triangle of darkness at the front of the house is the roof over the front bay window.

Wiring continues, with more light

As you can see, the electricians have been hard at work. And I guess they worked around this because a LOT of filth came off the roof.

It is super filthy in the attic right now

It is unbelievably filthy up there right now. We always had this vague plan to go up there and run the shopvac over and over until it got a little less coal dusty. I guess that's pretty much the only way to get some of this junk out of here without possibly accidentally going through the ceiling.

This was, I believe, the last of the incredibly filthy demolitions to happen on the house.

posted by ayse on 08/31/16