End of the Rough

Rough plumbing and rough electrical are just about done. The contractor told me the rough plumbing would be done this week, which is astonishing considering how long it took us to put in just one drain in the powder room.

Plumbing in the front bathroom

Here's the wet wall in the Accordion Room, pretty much all done.

(The specs for all the pieces plus my elevation of the room with measurements are stapled up there for reference as the subs work.)

Old fuse box gone

And the big symbol of the electrical being almost all done is the old fuse box, now disconnected. Noel pulled the box itself out of the wall and brought it home, triumphant. This is the closet of the front bedroom, and that ancient fuse box was a thorn in our side for a long time; stuck in time because we were unwilling to tear walls and ceilings open to remove the last weird old wiring running through it.

Reconfiguring the basement shear wall

In other parts of the house, the carpenters have been doing a lot of seismic tie-downs, and in the basement the opening to the crawlspace is moving to the side. This was a request from the engineer and I was OK with it (I'm pretty agnostic on where the opening goes).

The contractors have also removed the last vestiges of the old chimney. We took the brick chimney down during the foundation work ages ago because it was a hazard (the bricks were turning to dust), and while we do plan to put a gas fireplace in the front parlour, we don't need a chimney to the roof for it so why leave this bump out into the room? No good reason, so away it goes.

Removed chimney chase in the front bedroom

This is where part of the ceiling fell down and I did a quick, half-assed repair ages ago.

Chimney chase gone

Site meetings have been fast and furious the last several days. I'm looking forward to spending some quality time at the house this weekend not answering a hundred questions or making so many decisions.

posted by ayse on 09/15/16