Excitement Afoot

Something exciting is happening.

The contractor asked us to move stuff out of the house because the next sub coming through needed more space. So we were at the house this morning with our friend John moving stuff to a storage container in the driveway.

Who is coming next? This pile of stuff was delivered for them yesterday:

What is in the dining room?

That's a ton (quite literally, actually more) of drywall. They lifted it up to the second floor with a crane (smart, so smart), and it is stacked in the kitchen, dining room, and the two back bedrooms upstairs. There is going to be a lot of drywall going up very fast.

(And Bunny, because the dogs came with us today. She does not weigh a literal ton, just a figurative one.)

Lots and lots and lots of drywall

Also, quite a lot of drywall mud. I cannot tell you how glad I am that this is somebody else's problem. Professional drywallers just go so much faster than I can work.

And drywall mud

Of course, before all the drywall can go up, the plumbing has to be finished. The plumbers were at the house working while we were moving stuff, and they had an incident:

Water in the hallway

It's good to know we are not the only ones this happens to. Plumbing is messy work, even when you are working on the supply side.

posted by ayse on 10/01/16