Air Conditioning

The air conditioning system has been going in, and I have to admit that while I had extreme reservations about it, even on our very hot few days recently, I'm quite pleased with how it looks so far.

Here's the air handling unit sitting in our bedroom awaiting installation. It's best to put the air handler in a conditioned (heated or cooled) part of the house for efficiency. Otherwise it needs a ton of insulation. For this reason, our attic is insulated at the ceiling instead of at the floor.

Air handling unit

The air handler will sit over in this corner on this spill tray. The tray catches any water that would spill all over the house if something goes wrong, and has a drain in it that comes out over a window by code, so if there is an event, you see water dripping down and know to go investigate before it overflows and ruins your attic and house.

Attic installation for air handling unit

The ducts for the AC are all over the attic because they go to all the rooms of the second floor, but I was very happy with how the contractor kept them off to the side as much as possible. There's a supply and a return for each room, so that'a a lot of ductwork.

Air conditioning ducts

We only put air conditioning on the second floor because that is where it gets hot, and also because that is where we really need it to sleep. That saved us running ducts all over the basement as well. In other places people use the same system to do AC and heating, but we are doing hydronic heated floors so there was no need for that.

posted by ayse on 10/02/16