Odds and Ends

Some more updates from last week, in bits and pieces.

Replumbed powder room

The plumber redid the PEX piping in copper in our powder room.

Skylight over the stairs to the attic

We put a tubular skylight with no tube over the attic stairs to give a little daylight for getting around up there in the day. It's great; just the perfect amount of light to see where you are going. Not much help at night, but there are fluourescent lights up there for that.

Floor removed in the front bedroom

They removed the floor in the front bedroom and the subfloor looks good. It wasn't glued down as much as I suspected, either.

Window sashes pulled out for rebuilding

The window contractor, Hansen Windows of Oakland, came to take away the sashes of a couple of windows to replicate them. So we have this familiar look in the front bedroom. We tried to have them do a bunch of windows for us years ago under different ownership and it was a mess with the owner not returning calls and disappearing for a year, but the foreman bought the business in the intervening years and things are running much better now, so we expect this to go well. They did great work for our neighbors across the street.

Side door open

The side door had its plywood off so Bunny could try out going in and out, and she liked it. I liked it too, especially the part where it doesn't look like there is a second unit in the back any more.

Ceiling down!

Up on the second floor, our bedroom ceiling did not care for the flex and movement of the attic joists under the electrical contractors, and sagged and fell to the point where the contractor just took it down all the way. This was no surprise, because we slept under that ceiling for years while wondering if it would fall on us in the night, and it had been slowly giving way over the last few months.

Sunset in the hallway

And lastly, here's something we won't see again: the sun setting through the upstairs bay window, from the hallway. Soon there will be a wall here, and you'll have to be in the bedroom to see the sunset.

posted by ayse on 10/03/16