Plywood in the Attic

Last week we suddenly noticed that the guys installed the plywood floor in much of the front part of the attic. The plywood was already down in the new attic at the back of the house, but the front was more complicated because the ceiling joists there are a little shallow so all the recessed ceiling lights stick up from the floor, so every piece of plywood had to be notched extensively.

And in a surprise move, we welcome back one of the construction cameras! We've had some very bad luck with the interior cameras this time around, between contractors actually turning the cameras out of the way because they don't want to be filmed (frustrating, but their right) and plain knocking them out of alignment, we've lost a lot of good footage from the interior construction. That's just how it pans out sometimes. But look! The attic camera has actually been mostly OK for the last week, and we got the plywood being put down:

We do have more updates, but the work going on has not been as visible and dramatic as makes good blog updates. We are waiting for sprinkler installation to be completed, then inspections, and then they can start installing drywall. In the meantime, we wait with bated breath for the roofers to come and install the roof, especially with lots of rain forecast for this week. (They've secured the tarps better this time.)

Speaking of rain, with the start of winter weather last week and the loss of almost all our irrigation circuits, the tank was overflowing, so this weekend we took some time and dumped a whole bunch of water out on the back of the lawn (we can't turn the sprinklers back on because there are materials stored on the lawn).

Dumping the tank

posted by ayse on 10/24/16