Insulation Dreams and Plumbing Adventures

I went by the house this morning to try to see a paint sample, which I could not find. But I ended up having a detailed and good conversation with the foreman about the trim on the side porch, which I have been slooooooowly figuring out. There was a little crawling around under the porch stairs, too.

While I was there the inspector showed up to check out the insulation; with that inspected, they can start closing up walls which is really, really good news.

The foam insulation by day

By day the spray foam insulation looked very good. I'm sure our restorationist will kind of lose his mind over it, but closed cell foam is pretty much your only insulation choice for this situation, and you can spray it in in one day, or spend weeks painstakingly cutting rigid sheets and trying to make them fit tightly, for a lesser quality of insulation.

Anyway, looking forward to having walls again. I imagine the drywallers will come through like torpedoes as is usually the case. Given our experience with the process, I have no idea how they get so fast, but part of it is probably not trying to install every piece of drywall perfectly and being willing to settle for good enough.

The clawfoot tub was in the parlour

Also in evidence today was the clawfoot tub, which is part of a weird mystery. When the hardware for the shower installation arrived, the plumbing supply guy called and told me he'd accidentally ordered the wrong legs, but the right ones were on their way to me and I should give those to the contractor. I didn't ever get those legs as far as I know; I don't keep exhaustive records but I did keep everything stacked together on the sun porch and there was nothing that looked like them there.

So today I was making phone calls trying to figure out what happened to those legs. I'm still not 100 percent sure.

Anyway, I kind of love that blue more in person than I did in the catalog. No, no, don't tell me you hate my colour choice. Just relax and imagine that as the only pop of colour in a black and white bathroom. It'll be lovely. And if it really sucks I can always paint it.

Tomorrow we're meeting on site to talk about shower partitions. You might think there are hardly any decisions to be made there, but oh, no, my friends, there are so many decisions to be made. So very many.

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Not that my opinion matters.... but I think a pop of color is always good! I never thought to do a different color on the claw foot tub! I love it!!!

Can closed cell be retrofitted later? Say if you wanted to come back and add electrical or audio, etc.? I'm not sure how the issue is any different with other insulation types either.. we are figuring to do projects incrementally and I'm looking for incite as to whether closed cell will be adaptable over time. You're my first step in our research!!



It depends (it always does, doesn't it?). Closed cell sticks to the structure pretty well, which gives you your air barrier. That's great, but it also means that if you want to go through and add wiring later you have to cut more stuff open (you'd need to cut a channel in the foam for wires). What we did was run plastic conduit (the flexible stuff) around the house to give us channels to do future wiring. It takes more planning and thinking about likely changes, but it was worth it.

It would be pretty easy to put a bit of flex conduit around every room at about 15" and maybe 48" for future wiring. Would be worth talking to an electrician, too, about what makes a house easier or harder to rewire/modify later, and small things you can do to make it easier.

As for retrofitting, not easily. The only retrofit insulation that is done generally is blown-in.

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