Pink House

I had another ANOTHER site visit today, so more photos for this Surprise Post Week. At this time of the year the only time I can take photos is either the weekend or if I go to the site during the day, so if you see new photos you know I was working at least a little today.

It's also the most miserable time in the garden right now, with maximum darkness, cold, and incessant water. The water doesn't sound so bad, but combine it with cold and dark and you just get a mess.

The front yard has gone all to hell

Also, if you stomp on everything for eight months eventually it just lies down and dies. I need to get the workers to walk all over that oxalis.

The house is moving along, we had a meeting to talk about the tile floors for the bathrooms.

This was a bit of a surprise:

They broke out my presloped floor

That's the floor of the upstairs bathroom we got halfway through and stopped. The tile guy did not like my presloped floor. That's the one the inspector thought was a thing of beauty, not that I'm bragging or anything. It had taken quite a beating during construction so I'm OK with it coming out. I'm never going to make somebody warranty work they didn't do entirely themselves. But I was a little annoyed that they said it wasn't sloped correctly because it definitely was.

Walking around the house today, I noticed something:

The back stairwell

Something about these walls is very familiar...

The back bathroom

Like I'm used to being surrounded by walls this colour or something.

The basement

Maybe I'm imagining it.

Anyway, the drywallers start tomorrow. The foreman tells me I should expect it to take 3 weeks until they are completely done, which is very reasonable. I'm going to pretend it would take them exactly that long if they were doing one room and not an entire house.

posted by ayse on 12/21/16