And Then There Were Walls

The drywallers have arrived.

They started off by squaring off the plaster edges, which makes sense if you think about it, since drywall comes in rectangular sheets and squared edges are just easier.

Squaring off the plaster

That means they ended up removing even MORE plaster, of course.

More plaster down in our bedroom

At this point I'm not sure we should not have just taken all the plaster down, but it will give us something to do if we get antsy, I guess.

The drywallers also just blasted through the rooms that are all new:

Bedroom 4 pretty much done

There's the back bedroom.

Bedroom 4's closet

And its closet.

Back hall

And the back hall.

Bay window bedroom

The bay window bedroom is started, too.

It looks like they will be done with the rocking before the end of next week, assuming they only take Monday off. Normally I'd be skeptical about a subcontractor being around the week between Christmas and New Year's but this year everybody seems to be working through, perhaps on the understanding that when the next housing crash comes, work is not going to be so easy to find, so you better take it while you can get it. That may sound cynical and pessimistic, but only the very youngest labourers weren't working when the last big crash happened, and everybody is very edgy about the state of housing prices in the Bay Area, especially with promised deregulation of the financial industry.

That anxiety works for us, since we knew we wouldn't be able to plan Christmas travel this year with the house under construction, and while the roof is unfinished I'd rather not even leave the county, so we already planned to be around.

(Disclaimer: Alameda County is gigantic so this is not a hardship)(also disclaimer: I leave the county a lot actually, because I have work reasons to have to go to places around the area that are not in Alameda County)(also also disclaimer: I'm not even sure what I could DO if the house were leaking badly, other than hold buckets and phone the contractor for help).

Not that drywallers need a lot of guidance from me; they just put drywall on everything that isn't moving. But you know. Somebody might have a question and I am here for them if they do.

posted by ayse on 12/22/16