I had a site meeting with Woody, our preservationist who will be working on restoring the trim at the original part of the house, and Severin, the general contractor. That was quite interesting and I have more to write about that later, but since I was on site during the day I was able to take a couple of interesting pictures.

First, this one is subtle:

The side door going in

I'm standing in the back part of the front hallway, and that door leaf you see there is the new side door being installed.

This is the doorway we relocated so the house doesn't look like a multifamily house any more. The original door -- which was not "original" in the sense of having been installed at the time the ell was added to the house, but dates from when the house was split up into apartments in the 1930's -- wasn't going to work in this location, so we had a new door made. I guess I should get the doorknobs for that location ordered.

And here's a mystery solved:

Trim lumber rack

I asked the site foreman what those racks were for, and they are for holding all the lumber they brought in for trimming. That's casings, baseboards, and other trims. They're up and out of the way of the floor heat installation and also out of the way of everybody else, which is critical for keeping them in good condition while work continues.

Magnolia Jon-Jon in bloom

And here's my annual picture of the magnolia in bloom. He seems quite happy this year.

posted by ayse on 03/02/17