Another List of Things

Stuff is happening all over the house now and I could break it out into a bunch of little posts that are more work, or heck, just update you all at once. I am lazy, so here's a jumbled update post.

1. Elevator going up

Top of the elevator

This is what the top of the elevator looks like. I'll pretty much never see that again.

Inside the elevator car

And inside the car. We are going to make the inside of the elevator look like the outside of the Tardis for reasons best lost in the mists of time. I'm not sure how that will work with the accordion doors, but we have at least four surfaces to work with that should be fun.

Call plate

The call plates are in now. The blue is protective plastic film.

2. Tubes going down

Hydronic tube installation continues. The upstairs is mostly done.

Bedroom 4 has its tubes in place

There are the tubes in the back bedroom.

And this is a little subtle:

Anti-fracture membrane in the back bathroom

The red stuff is a waterproofing/anti-fracture membrane over the mortar bed that holds the hydronic tubes.

Hydronic tubes on the floor in the Accordion Room

This is what the tubes looked like before they were buried in mortar.

3. Waterproofing going in

The bathrooms are going fast.

Back bathroom waterproofing

The contractor wanted to use the Kerdi system, which I also like. So there it is. The nice thing about panel-based waterproofing is that it goes in fast fast fast.

Middle bathroom waterproofing

They're also done with the middle bathroom walls.

4. Clawfoot tub stuff

We've had some minor drama with the clawfoot tub for the Accordion Room. The feet went temporarily missing on site, and the legs of the shower tower were never delivered to my office even though the shipping says that they were. So I ended up paying for a new pair of legs for the shower tower. Fortunately the feet from the clawfoot tub did show up in the attic, though why they were there, nobody seems to know.

There is the clawfoot tub

Today the replacement legs showed up at the dealer's showroom and they are HAND DELIVERING them to the site.

And then we can have a clawfoot tub. But first, I need to find out what happened to the tile for this room that I ordered a month ago.

5. Door repairs

Door repair

The doors into the parlours had been cut off on top weirdly, so the guys made a repair for me. It's just a piece of wood glued to the top of the door to repair it, but since the doors will be painted it will basically be invisible and will look so much better.

6. Foster dog

For the last several days we've had this guy.


He's not our permanent dog. Just a foster dog from the animal shelter, getting a bit of a break from being in the stress of the shelter. He's getting along great with the cats. Bunny is kind of tired of him, especially after he kept us up half the night last night panic-barking. I understand the panic, it must be terrifying to have been handed around the way he has for the last few weeks. But everybody else wanted to sleep.

7. Garden plans

I met with our incredible gardener tonight to show her our plans for the garden and get her started thinking about construction. Her crew now has some people who do construction which is terrific, since I have some leftover anxiety about unvetted people in my garden. Some of it will be a longer process, but a lot of it can be installed when the contractors have moved their stuff out of the garden.

posted by ayse on 03/15/17

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