Houston, We Have Flooring

We went to the house after work today to check out the claw foot tub placement (the contractor asked me to approve it). The tubing was pretty much all installed throughout the house, with a few small exceptions. And then we went up the back stairs and saw this:

Flooring installed in the hall

That's the wood flooring. Just a couple of strips of it, but they were nailed down.

Then we went to the front of the house and saw:

Flooring done in Bedroom 2

The floor is done in our bedroom (bedroom 2). And it looks really good. It was almost disconcerting how nice the floor was; the room felt funny. I have no idea how it is going to feel to have functioning windows. I will probably need extensive therapy.

Flooring started in Bedroom 1

The flooring is started in the front bedroom, and it will go very fast.

A couple other notes:

Protecting the tubing in the kitchen

In the kitchen we have a tile floor, so there will be a mortar bed here. The tubing is down now and to protect it they built this sort of raised floor, allowing the elevator contractors to do their work while the flooring people do what they need to do.

Water test in the back bathroom

In the new bathrooms, water testing for the shower is underway. To do this they plug up the drain and fill the shower pan with water, and then let it sit for a length of time to see if it leaks. (You can tell if it leaked because the water level would drop.) (As far as I can tell our shower pans have not leaked.)

Water test in the middle bathroom

So both tiled shower pans are being tested now. The middle bath has had the water in it all weekend, and seems to be doing well.

Exterior trim restoration work underway

While all this is going on inside, our restorationist has gotten started working on the original trim on the outside.

The top of the window trim

The windows have these lead mini-roofs over them, and are leaking terribly. This is the library window, viewed from our bedroom window above.

The task here is to carefully take the siding and trim apart, strip all the old paint, make any repairs or replacements, and reinstall it so that it sheds water as intended.

Clawfoot tub in place with shower

And finally, here's the tub installation we stopped by to check out. The tub is right in front of the window because the room just worked better that way. The glass will be frosted, plus there will be some window treatments and a shower curtain here for privacy as well, so I'm not too concerned about having the shower right in front of the window. Plus this is a secondary bathroom and the tub is more for show rather than daily bathing.

posted by ayse on 03/21/17