More Cabinets

I had a long site meeting with the contractor this afternoon, which was good. We walked through a bunch of details on cabinets and stairs and countertops and fireplaces, which was great.

Dining room cabinets

They'd unpacked and slid into place the cabinets for the dining room built-ins, and they look amazing. I had to explain some of the details of how I wanted them to go together, and I think we're all good there.

Then I went back to my office and a big package full of hardware had arrived.

Reproduction hardware

This hardware dates to 10-15 years after the house was built, but! We have pieces of similar patterns around the house, so we know somebody was installing it here when it became available. Also probably when they broke the glass doorknobs because glass doorknobs are little jerks that way. I sacrificed some period authenticity to the exact year of construction of our house for the combo of 1) availability, and 2) awesomeness. I like to kid myself that Robert Holt would approve.

(He's the guy who built our house.)

Harry Potter Room door

Also arriving today was the hardware for the Harry Potter Room door. This is the tiny under-stair closet in the space where the old air return was. The contractor is making me a tiny version of our regular doors, and I found an extra-small doorknob that is similar to the other simple hall doorknobs. It's kind of adorable.

posted by ayse on 04/19/17