More Spooky Cabinet Photos

The marble countertops are in place in the library.

Creepy cabinet photo of marble counters in the library

They look kind of terrible in this photo.

Closeup of library marble counters

This is a slightly less awful but still somewhat grim photo. It does show the grain.

When we went looking for the slab that would become these counters, we wanted to get that old-school library feel, like the NYPL or, closer to my heart, the feeling of a place like the pre-renovation Forbes Library in Northampton, Massachusetts, where I spent a lot of time while an undergrad. This veiny marble was the feel we were looking for, and to make it perfect it had shades of a greenish and a bit of a yellow (which are utterly invisible in these photos so just take my word for it) that worked perfectly with the material samples we brought with us.

The marble will end up being mostly hidden: an upper set of shelves will rest on here and there will be books and stuff hiding most of this stone. It didn't need to be perfect, and it isn't. I like it a lot.


Because the marble counters are in in the library, you know what else is in?

We have a hearth!

Oh yes we went there. We have a hearth.

Not just one hearth.

Also another hearth

We have two hearths all ready to get flooring installed right up to them. Woot woot.

How could I top that? Is there anything on earth that could be more exciting than counters and hearths?

Houston we have a sink, too

How about the kitchen sink. Yes, we have all that and we have a kitchen sink. I'm going to write ALL about this sink once we have finalized the installation and all that, but just let me say that if you ever come over to my house and stick your face in my kitchen sink to rub your cheek against its surface I will not judge you.

posted by ayse on 04/17/17