A Visual Guide to the Balusters

So, pictures being worth a thousand words, here are the two options for the back stair balusters:

Balusters stepped

This is the stepped arrangement. The base of the balusters is level on each step. But as you can see the one that is in the inside corner there is a little too short to reach the bottom of the handrail (drawn above). This is the arrangement I'd like if Carolina Stair Company -- our baluster provider -- can get us a baluster with a longer spindle.

Balusters smooth

Here's our other option: the smoothed version. Each baluster base moves evenly down the stairs, making a diagonal line. This will work because the balusters are available with longer bases. But it doesn't "talk" to the front stair balusters as much as I'd like.

posted by ayse on 06/16/17