Finish Plumbing

I showed up at the house today to talk to Woody about the restoration and to take some photos, and was stymied on both parts because Woody had left early (it was one million degrees under the shrink-wrap so I do not blame him at all) and the house was full of plumbers installing the finish plumbing. And just to show that real plumbers are a ton faster than us when they get to work, here are the few photos I took of the work they had finished by lunchtime.

Kithcen facuet and pot filler installed

In the kitchen the main faucet and the pot filler were installed.

Pantry faucet

And the pantry faucet was also in place.

Toilet installed

Upstairs the toilet was installed in the Accordion Room (and also in the middle bathroom, and possibly in the back bathroom, but both were fully occupied by plumbers who I was trying not to pester).

Impressive, considering I once watched a licensed plumber take four hours to install a kitchen faucet.

And for reference, this is where Woody's crew have gotten, all the way around the house:

We need more scaffolding

At this point we need more scaffolding so he can get his paint stripping done.

(Edited to fix the headline and a picture and apparently I need an editor.)

posted by ayse on 06/17/17