Porch Priming

The big day is here. Primer was going onto the porch when I went by at lunchtime to see how things were going.

Here's the corner of the porch a week ago, epoxied and filled and ready to be primed:

IMG 9434 copy

We had a little delay on the porch ceiling, but that is ready to go in as we speak. In the meantime, the guys were applying the primer when I got there:

IMG 9609 copy

All the ceiling boards are now removed, and replacement beadboard has been purchased to replace what had been there at one time.

IMG 9607 copy

Woody is also going to add some more support for the porch roof above, which is very undersupported, as you can see here. This way, if somebody crawls out on that roof they won't go through the porch ceiling, which is a bonus. Not that anybody should be on that roof, of course.

IMG 9610 copy

There was a small amount of excitement with this side of the porch, because it turns out that that giant piece of wood the column is resting on is actually about an inch smaller than the one on the other side. So we're going to patch in a repair piece to make them match. From the condition of other things there, I'm going to guess the end got beaten up somehow and somebody trimmed it off to make it look neater at some point.

Doesn't the epoxy make the wood look amazing? Too bad we need all that filler for old wood holes, but the paint will look amazing, too.

posted by ayse on 02/22/18