Little Details on the Porch

Today I went by to see the porch, and Woody was there, reinstalling the reeds on the columns.

Column marked for installation

He'd laid out where the reeds needed to go with pencil.

Nailing in place

The finish nailer was loaded with small stainless steel nails to tack the reeds in place, plus he was holding them straight as they nailed. With such narrow pieces of wood, the problem is you can get warping and movement during nailing. Holding it in place keeps that from affecting the finished position.

Worth the effort

The final result looks really good. How many other tiny pieces of wood need to be attached to this porch? Probably only about a thousand, including about 900 buttons on the column bands.

posted by ayse on 02/25/18


It really is starting to come together — how exciting for you both! I cannot wait to see the restored exterior after all this meticulous work.

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