The New Porch Ceiling

We got a new beadboard porch ceiling, which is very exciting. Then they reinstalled the cove molding that was there and you can see the problem, kind of.

Porch ceiling and cove installed

In each of the corners, for whatever reason, the pieces of cove don't meet up. What was there when we started was a whole lot of gobbed-on caulk. That wasn't going to work. Woody spent a little time trying to manufacture little wooden curves for the spot but it was turning out to be a massive time sink. So instead he went for a slightly more artistic option:

Epoxy fill on the cove corners

There's epoxy fill in there now, shaped to match the curves on both sides. Once it's painted it will look a lot nicer; you won't be able to tell it's there.

In the meantime, more fiddly trim bits are going into place, including the buttons for the porch columns. These are, of course, a different size from the other buttons, and since each button cost $15 to have made, Woody decided to try a different method (it's not clear that this costs less than having a woodworker make them because I still pay for Woody's time, but the price ends up about the same so I'm willing to give him some personal satisfaction).

Basically he made a little sanding block to go in the end of his drill to sand the end of a dowel round. I suggested he use a clamp to hold this rig but he insisted this was how he wanted to do it.

This is what the final product looks like, over the paint marks from the missing ones:

Manufacturing buttons for the porch

posted by ayse on 03/07/18