Horns and Pulleys and Guess What? More Buttons

The work on the front of the house is in the final touchup stages for most of the facade, plus Woody is getting as much finished on the windows as possible while the scaffolding is still there to help him out.

Fonrt porch ceiling

I think the front porch ceiling looks pretty good in blue with white cove molding. I took my paint sample book to the site and matched the sky on a cloudless day, then backed off the colour a little (an exact match would look too dark, because the sky is lit up whereas my porch ceiling is not).

Woody has also installed the horns on the front windows. Of course, black horns on black sashes against a dark jamb are a little unreadable.

Horns installed on the front bay window

They do seem to just blend in, though, which is great. As you can see, the buttons on the pilaster have been painted in the final trim colour, too.

Closer view of the horns

With all this work on the windows, Woody noticed this situation:

Pulleys before cleanup

The pulleys for the windows were painted at some point (as were the ropes, which have been replaced), and they are all gunked up with layers of paint.

Stripped and laquered pulleys

This didn't work for Woody, so he took the hardware out, stripped it, laquered it, and reinstalled it. It looks pretty good.

Waxed jambs

For the last few days, he has been applying a wax and turpentine finish to the jambs. This both seals and weatherproofs them and also makes the windows glide more easily. I haven't been opening and closing the windows lately but he tells me they move a lot more easily now.

And finally, more buttons, because why not?

We did not leave the buttons on the horns painted white, you are welcome

Woody texted me this photo last week, and this text conversation ensued:

Button Mania text conversation

posted by ayse on 04/05/18