I Can See My House From Here

This morning, the scaffolding sub arrived and took down two thirds of the scaffolding. This will enable us to do a bunch of landscaping stuff, including the driveway. The thought of having other contractors around makes Woody anxious, of course, so I have to introduce the idea slowly. But here we go.

Want to watch it? I got a timelapse of about 40 minutes of it before my phone ran out of memory, so I made this kind of crazy little film. I apologize for the bad music editing. All I can say is it has been a long time.

The guy in orange is the scaffolding company crew supervisor, and the guy in the army green beanie is Bodhi, Woody's son and partner in the business.

And here's before:

Scaffolding up

And after:

Scaffolding down

It almost feels like there may be an end to this.

posted by ayse on 05/07/18


Pretty thrilling.

It looks beautiful! Can't wait to drive by and see all it's beauty!

It is looking SPECTACULAR!!! You must be so pleased to finally start seeing the end of this massive project.

Your home is just beautiful!! I am sure you are loving all the results !! I have been to Alameda, and although I was only there a few days, I could see the charm in the area !

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