Corbels at Last

Yesterday, the crew installed the corbels on the east side of the house. I swung by to take a look and they look really nice.

Installed corbels

You can see they are filling and sanding the fill for the nail holes to install them. I stayed out of the crew's hair because I definitely do not want to cause any delays.

The top of the windows

So now the top of all the windows on the east side is totally rebuilt. They look amazing. I know almost nobody will ever see them, but the most important thing is that I can be sure they won't be leaking crazy amounts of water any more.

Bottom awaiting base trim and reeds

Now on to installing the base trim and the reeds. Hopefully that will go quickly and smoothly so they can get to work painting.

Bodhi painting the crown

Speaking of which. Here's Bodhi, painting the crown. We are getting there.

posted by ayse on 09/13/18