Some Interior Painting Work

I'm so tired of how long the house is taking. There, I said it. There's very little I can do, because I also want the attention to the woodwork that Woody gives, but I wish he worked like five times faster.

That said, how about a brief update?

Here's a fond farewell to our terrible, cobbled-together front doorknob.

The cobbled-toegther doorknob

This is made of pieces of at least three and possibly four different doorknobs cut and pieced together. Why I can only assume because each one broke or wasn't fancy enough in time.

Bodhi working on the front door

For a week, Bodhi stripped and sanded the door, building back the crisp lines of the molding by sanding. It's a tedious process. I don't know why it has to take so long. The results are beautiful. I have mixed feelings about this.

Front door stripped and sanded

The knob is now removed, the door stripped and sanded and the process of epoxying and filling it begun.

Yes, we are going to paint the door. It's a mix of woods and would look really weird and not great stained. Not to mention that that finish is not period, and on an original door I want a period finish.

Other work is happening inside. Woody decided to paint the bathrooms first:

Masking in the middle bathroom

The only paint in the middle bathroom is the ceiling, which will be Benjamin Moore Exotic Red. That required a bit of prep because the tiler got grout all over the ceiling, but it's ready for paint now.

You may recall from our previous experiences with red paint that it is a pain to get coverage and takes a lot more coats than you expect. This was true of the various pinks we put on ceilings, and is extra-true of bright reds.

There's actual paint on the walls and ceiling in the back bathroom.

Paint in the back bathroom

The colour is pretty subtle, just picking up a lighter colour from the stone tile. I want the tile to be the star here because it was expensive enough. An important design lesson is to choose one star for each space.

There are some workers prepping all over the house so painting can proceed. They fill the nail holes with putty then sand it smooth.

Filling nail holes

When the prep is done, you don't even see the nail holes.You can see they've taped off the stone in the library, as well, and after I took this photo they puttied a bunch of nail holes in here, too.

Masking in the library

The air has been pretty miserable here. It hurts to be outside for too long and the smoke is making my eyes burn and for a day I thought I might be getting strep throat. Nope, just smoke inhalation. Woody and crew took the weekend off in part because of smoke.

I'm really getting antsy to get the interior painted. I feel like I've been full of patience for so long and now I've just used it all up.

posted by ayse on 11/14/18