For the Red Fans

Just a quick note to show you some of the interior painting. With rain coming this week (hopefully falling mostly in the Sierra foothills where we need it so desperately), he's got everybody focused on the front door.

In the bathrooms Woody is using Aura Bath and Spa. He's also a fan of the Aura paint (I don't want to hear it from you haters). I'm using the same colour in a few places: the powder room is going to be Benjamin Moore AF-290 Caliente, as is the dining room, so cans of one paint can be used in the other room.

The middle bath upstairs has only the ceiling to be painted, in Benjamin Moore 2086-10 Exotic Red, which is a brighter and bluer red.

As you may recall from previous painting exploits, red paints have really terrible coverage and require multiple coats to look good (then they compound that by being a pain in the butt to cover up, later). So Woody is using the Caliente both to paint the powder room and also to do the undercoats for the ceiling of the middle bathroom.

Here's one coat on the ceiling of the middle bathroom:

Middle bathroom ceiling

And one coat on coat on the walls of powder room:

Powder room

The good news this week involves the faucet trim (the visible part) for the powder room. The faucet I bought for this was discontinued, which fact I only found out when the trim went missing during construction (still kind of irritated by that but things happen when people are going in and out of your house). Recently I was talking to a dealer for the brand about possibly trying to find leftover pieces, and she noted that the faucet was not discontinued in Germany, and I could buy replacement trim on Amazon. I checked, and yup. Problem solved.

posted by ayse on 11/20/18