It's been an up and down week.

Up: I put a deposit down on window coverings for most rooms of the house. There are still a few places where we need to make some decisions, but I'm very excited that we will not spend another twenty years or so with sheets tacked up over our windows. Maybe people will think we are adults now.

Down: I contacted the general contractor to find out when exactly the flooring guy would show up so I could finalize the schedule for window covering installation and painter touchups, and found out that rather than starting on the 15th as originally expected, he was first thinking he would start on the 22nd (a week later) then said maybe he'd have to come on the 29th.


I get it. The construction market is super tight, and projects have delays that travel down to other projects until nobody is happy. I've been through this a million times in the last five years with this projects and at work. But it is frustrating when I thought I confirmed a date a month ago and now that date is slipping yet again and things I scheduled around that are slipping, too.

Up: The side porch reconstruction is moving along really nicely. I cannot help but think of how long it would have taken Woody to get this far, but in less than a week we have the base structure of the side porch in place:

Rebuilt superstructure

We added columns because the long beam there was sagging. It's not sagging any more. (It doesn't hold a ton of weight, so the columns don't need to go down to the foundation.)

If you're curious about what the porch will look like, we are copying the trim shadows we found when we stripped the paint:

Trim shadows

The wall will be built out to match the thickness of the shadow wall, then we have a pile of trim ready to be applied to make the profile. Woody had been stockpiling it to do the work, but of course he walked off the job in a snit. So now it will take a couple weeks instead of probably eight months. And yes, I am still salty about how much he delayed our project.

More trim shadows

There are some weirdnesses on this wall, because the porch bottom was rebuilt at the time the foundation was done to a not-squared shape, and we're going to need to do some weird stuff to accommodate that. But we had a quick site meeting the other day and were able to resolve it all pretty quickly.

New stair footing

The first thing they are doing is re-rebuilding the staircase. The one we had made a few years ago was just too close to the house and in a weird spot, so I redesigned it to give us better access into the odd little corner to the left of this photo.

posted by ayse on 07/14/19