Floor Sanding Prep

The dates for the start of the floor refinishing have been, so far: July 15, July 22, July 29, August 1, August 2, and now August 5. But when I went to the house today things were set up to allow the sanding to begin, so maybe they will actually get started on Monday?

Yesterday morning the contractor and I walked through the house to discuss strategies for trying to keep the dust out of everything. The big thing for me was keeping it out of the built in bookcases, and off the chandeliers.

Dining room draped

We decided to bag up the chandeliers, which I think worked out pretty well. Another option was uninstalling them all, but we went through so much grief handholding the electrician through the process in the first place that I was not up for a repeat.

I cared less about the built-ins in the Dining Room, because there are fewer of them and we haven't started filling them with stuff, yet. But it makes sense to protect as much as possible to reduce the pain of cleaning later.

Library masking

In the library they draped plastic from the crown molding down to the baseboards and taped it shut.

You can also see that we're going to use the collection of box fans we had in the basement to put positive pressure on the house. We'll have the fans blowing out of the house all day to keep dust from settling on surfaces.

Upstairs hall

The upstairs bathrooms are sealed off because they have no flooring in them. Otherwise the whole upstairs is open. Most doors are off their hinges and set aside to make room for the flooring contractor to work.

This may actually happen.

posted by ayse on 08/02/19