Floor Sanding Commences

I put off driving by the house today until quite late because I kind of didn't want to see the flooring contractor not there. But he was!

And the crew made a lot of progress.

Right inside the front door

I opened the front door to see a completely sanded hall.

Front parlour floor

It looks like they have mostly finished the first floor, not just the field of the rooms, but edges as well.

Detail in the library

There are a few little detail spots that need attention in the corners, and under the wall-hung toilet in the bathroom. But I'm impressed by how little damage has been done to the baseboards.

View from the library

While I was walking around a neighbor came by and was suitably impressed by how lovely to the wood is.

While the downstairs is almost done, upstairs is just getting started. They'd sanded the field in the back bedroom and started the hall, but not much else.

Upstairs hall sanding started

It looks like the finish is coming off pretty easily, somewhat predictable given how it failed scratch tests.

Sander in the back bedroom

Here's the sander, I'm always interested to see the different equipment various contractors use for this work. It's a tradeoff to use a larger sander that's heavier and less maneuverable versus a smaller one that requires more time and skill to sand evenly.

Without the edge detailing

And here's how it looks before they do the edges.

There's some dust on things

Also predictable: the amount of dust on every surface. They did have doors open and fans going today but I'm guessing we're going to find this dust everywhere for a while.

posted by ayse on 08/05/19