More Sanding

I'm going to drive you nuts with this, and for that I am sorry. That's right, months of nothing and now I post two days in a row just because some guys showed up to sand my floors.

The flooring guys finished the upstairs first pass on the floors today. I noted they did not sand the floors in the high pantry, the elevator, or the landing, so I need to remind the contractor that those places still need attention.

Front bedroom sanding

I must say I am really impressed by how little they have messed up the baseboards. Maybe my standards are low, but these pretty much just look like they need a cleaning and maybe a touch-up. Of course, they haven't gotten busy with the stain yet, so more mess remains to be seen.

Dirty baseboards

The baseboards were a little dustier in the bay window bedroom.

Smoothed out downstairs

It looks like they used a big random orbit sander downstairs (you can kinda see it in the library) to do a smoothing pass on the floor. There was a lot more dust in the house today, too.

Oh, and it just looks like a light is on in the dining room; that's the setting sun, blazing in. I kind of knew how the light would be in the house when we did this, but the reality of how much more light there is everywhere is so much better than I knew it would be.

posted by ayse on 08/06/19