Finished Floor

The final coat of finish was put on the floor today, and the contractor tells me we can start putting things on it on Thursday. We're going to avoid putting rugs or pianos on it for longer, but this means we can start moving things over, at long last.

Here's this week's work: The stain dried Friday through Sunday. On Monday the crew showed up and put one coat of finish down:

First coat

Then today they came back and cleaned and lightly sanded and cleaned some more, then put the topcoat down:


I took some site camera footage and made a video of the entire process (no audio is necessary for information; there is a soundtrack just so you don't have to hear loud sanders and guys yelling in Mandarin):

We plan to move our first stuff over on Thursday night, then slowly begin the process of repopulating the house. In the meantime, I'm scheduling the painters to come back and finish, and a guy who will come in and put frosting film on some windows, and the window coverings, and a few other things.

posted by ayse on 08/13/19