Heck Yeah Floors

I went by the house today just to see the floors in person and let me tell you, they look so much better than they did before.

To recap: the prefinished flooring finish was flaking off, so the manufacturer is paying for us to sand and refinish, rather than remove and replace (because that would force us to redo a LOT of cabinetry). I really liked the flooring I chose, it was really lovely. But somehow this finish really shows the wood more, and I like that it is even more matte than the factory finish.

Facing the back of the house through the parlours

It looks really amazing.

Facing the front of the house through the parlours

The floors are incredibly smooth -- prefinished flooring always has a small kerf at the side of each piece, just a requirement to keep the finish from flaking (HAH), but this floor is 100 percent smooth. And that sheen. Mmmm.

You can see the grain more clearly

You can also see the grain more clearly in the wood now. The old finish had a "smoked" darkener in it, and now we don't have that, just a dark stain. Not a perfect match, but that's OK because it's better.

This wood looks amazing now

I mean I'm not even kidding about how great this floor looks. I loved it before, but this is a whole new kind of beautiful. This is why the flaky flooring guy was worth waiting for.

The finish is still curing, but tomorrow we are going to start to move our first things in.

posted by ayse on 08/14/19