Terrible Air Quality

For what might be obvious reasons, we haven't been doing much work on the house in the shutdown; having contractors in is not going to happen, and going to hardware stores is something we are reserving only for real need, not projects. And outside, we've had three or so weeks of terrible air quality. This is what the sky looked like yesterday morning:


It didn't get much lighter (this photo was taken around 10:30am). We are probably about as safe as you can get from actually burning down, but we may end up quite packed in here if friends need to evacuate.

If you think climate change is liberal hysteria I hate you.

posted by ayse on 09/10/20


Wow, that is an incredibly surreal picture. I'm glad you all are as ok as possible. Sending you best wishes.

Hey there. Good to see that you are taking the Californipocalypse in stride.

I would like to ask a small favor. I went to High School with Noel (and spent a lot of time at his house, eating his food, stealing his floppys) and we haven't spoken in... more than 20 years now. Please scavenge my e-mail address from this comment and pass it to Noel. I would like to say hello.

Hello friends! I hope you are safe and well. I'm sorry to bother you on your house blog, but I wasn't sure how else to reach you.

My father has grown quite old and I'm currently clearing out his house, and am wondering if you might be interested in an old Hammond organ..? My dad remembered that Noel had once asked about it, and thought he should have first crack at it. No charge of course, but we would have to figure out how to get it from Minneapolis to Alameda.

Again, hope you are well. The house looks incredible!


Hey, Kurt, sorry we missed this comment. Noel will contact you.

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