Painting at Long Last

We were supposed to schedule the final painting of the side porch and the rest of the exterior in March, and you can guess how well that went. Then with fire season there was ash raining down on us for months which was also not great for painting. But finally, on Friday, the painters showed up and pressure washed the ash off the house (it looks amazing) and today they began epoxy-treating the side porch.

Epoxying the side porch

It looks like a jewel box right now, but not for long. (It's going to be white plus our trim colours when it is done.)

Well, maybe for a few more days because rain is predicted for tomorrow. This winter was going to be really dry so this is my personal sacrifice for the State of California.

Oh, and I do have some other posts that I'm in the process of putting together about what we've been doing this summer, which is very little actual work on the house and a lot of work on planning the landscaping.

posted by ayse on 12/15/20