Screens for the Screened Porch

I've learned a lot of stuff about screen windows in the last few weeks. One is that I am not terribly fond of screen windows.

Anyway, the painters finished painting the frames for the windows. I did a very poor job of designing these, and have some regrets about how I did it, but in my defense I've spent most of my adult life in Northern California where screen windows are rare.

Anyway, the windows needed to have their screens put in, so we got a roll of screen material, and a big spool of spline, and then another big spool of spline because the first one was the wrong size, and we set to work. (When I say we, I mean Noel, because there's not really a good space for two people to work on this at once and also I've been really busy.)

The narrow screen, assembled

The first screen he put in was on the narrow window next to the door. That was a pretty good proof of concept.

Screen assembly line

Then it was just a matter of slowly working through each window. Each half of the window takes 30-40 minutes to do, and neither of us has long stretches of time with nothing to do, so Noel has been going out and doing one while waiting for something or as a small break.

Putting a screen in, in the dining room

Kneeling on the porch has been a bit rough, so the other day he tried using the dining room table, which was more comfortable and made the work go a little faster.

screen porch with a few of the screens in place

The hardware to hold the screens in place is pretty simple, as befits a porch. Just a couple turn latches at the top and bottom of the screen.

We have had a little slowdown on this project as I've taken over part of the dining room table for this little project:

Foster kittens snoozing

At this stage they need a little station where I can weigh them before and after every feeding, but they are growing well and I should be able to transition them to a less intensive routine in a week or so.

(These are not kittens we are keeping; I only foster them for the shelter.)

posted by ayse on 04/06/21