The Screened Porch

Noel finished up the last of the screen windows for the side porch, then he assembled the big egg chair I got for out there. In the evening the sun comes from the west and makes the porch warm and comfortable, and this chair is so perfect. It's gigantic, big enough that two people can actually sit in it, or one person and a couple cats.

Once we have the door hardware on the screen door, the cats will be allowed to come out on this porch to spend some time "outside."

Egg chair on the side porch

I need to clean up the sawdust all over the floor, and I am going to do a little more furnishing out there: some metal plant stands that are currently in the kitchen, maybe get a little side table for next to the chair to hold a drink. But it's mostly there.

posted by ayse on 04/11/21