A New Plan

One thing I have been trying to be better at is giving up plans when they aren't working. The idea is that with practise I will get better at seeing a plan is not working earlier. Thus it was with the planned location for the bog tub garden. Having to wait to set up the tub meant leaving the plumbing parts sitting around the kitchen for more months, plus having a half-finished job waiting for the perfect moment.

What if I just put it somewhere else?

Area by the deck, full of weeds

Enter this spot, planned to be a planting bed next to the deck, and as of this morning a dense patch of weeds. I watered it for half an hour, let the water soak in a little, then was able it weed it out and get started digging it out a little to make an area for the tub to go.

Area by the deck, partially weeded and dug

I need to measure to make sure I'm making the bed the right size, but it doesn't matter a ton right now, as this is really just making a place to set the tub until its final location is ready.

Peat moss and sand mixture, soaking

In the meantime, I mixed 100 lbs of play sand into the peat. It's still soaking as the peat still has dry patches. The plant saucer is in there with a branch in it for bees, who were landing on the peat to drink. They were mostly doing that safely but I thought I'd make them a safer place to land.

I have maybe another day or two of work on the new temporary location, and then I can move the tub into place and start making the bog.

posted by ayse on 05/31/21