Upright Tub

Well, everything happened all at once.

First, we've been waiting for MONTHS for the shed we ordered to be ready to install. Finally I emailed the salesman and said, basically, could you give me an idea of when this will be ready, and he replied by saying he was waiting for me to be ready.

So I ordered all the materials for the foundation to be delivered, and next weekend we are going to make a shed foundation. Which means I need to move the bees. Because they are right where the shed will be. Which seems uncool.

I confused some bees

Yesterday I got Hive A onto the landscape cart, somewhat unevenly. Today I started trying to get Hive B on there but the dumb bees had built comb that connects every frame in two of the boxes, so I am going to have to bring out the kitchen knife and cut those boxes apart tomorrow, as the two together are too heavy for me to lift. Today was a work day so I didn't have time to do the operation when I went out to try to move the hive over lunch. When I get that done, I need to strap both hives to the cart and start moving them, which is a tedious process.

Hive A seems to have adapted to the new location well; I gave them a new upper box which made them happy. In this photo they are bearding on the box but within an hour of the operation they were back inside and only did a little bearding when it got warm this afternoon. But they may want yet another honey box if they are really hard workers.

I'm looking forward to having that shed to store some of our larger tools and equipment. And the bees are looking forward to it all being over so they can enjoy their homes in peace.

While all this was going on, I got the blocks to put the tub garden on leveled out in the bed, and weeded around them.

Foot blocks for the tub

This bed has quite a bit of work to be done on it, but that can all happen around the tub.

Noel was going away for the weekend, so I asked him to help me move the tub into place before he left:

The tub in place

There are still some level issues -- we suspect the feet are not actually 100 percent level. Rather than mess around with trying to level all the feet, I'm just going to wedge the blocks under the feet up so each foot is bearing and the top of the tub is roughly level. It would matter more if I were trying to install the tub on an existing level surface, but I'm not.

And I don't have photos for it, but this morning the contractor came by to check out the bad siding boards on the back of the house, and he agreed it needed attention. He's going to get scaffolding set up at the back of the house so his crew can fix the issues, and then the painter can come back and paint the back wall of the house at long last, using the same scaffolding. It'll delay my plans to re-seal the deck this month, but will be worth it. It also means I better clean up some of my chaotic work areas around the back of the house so the scaffolding has a place to go.

posted by ayse on 06/04/21