A Little Barn

Yesterday we got our new shed installed.

Trailer loaded with our shed

The workers pulled up with a trailer loaded with the shed around 9:30 in the morning. The installation guide said they would come between 8 and 11, so there you go.

Prefab walls went up fast

The walls went into place relatively quickly. The big delay was because the diagram of anchor bolt placements I was sent put anchor bolts literally right where there were studs. So the guys had to move sixteen studs (and cut one off near the door). I sent the salesman who had given me the diagram a note telling him this.

You can see in the photo that the gable ends were framed separately from the base walls, and they put those inside the shed to make placing them easier.

Prefab roof trusses in place

The roof trusses were prefabricated, as well. I liked the nice little hanging scaffolding they used for the roof, it was small and portable and kept them safer than using ladders. It was nailed in place, then when they were done with the roof they covered the nail holes with the shed trim.

Ready for trim

I guess there's no good way to prefabricate a roof. They just brought packages of roof shingles and roofed it the ordinary way. At this point the shed is mostly done.

Mostly done

The last step was trimming the shed. That covers up a lot of sins and makes it look like a cute little barn.

But the shed is not done! Of course not. Because there are a couple gable vents that can't be installed because the gable ends were not framed correctly. So somebody is going to have to come back to cut away the stud that was installed right in the center of the vent hole and frame that correctly. Once that is done we can get to work on the inside of the shed, including painting the floor.

The great thing about this shed compared to the old metal shed we had is that the roof height means we can put ladders in here. I'm really looking forward to having adequate storage space for all our bulky low-value construction equipment that is currently spread all over the yard or stacked ceiling-high in the basement.

posted by ayse on 07/01/21

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