Filling the Shed

This weekend was a little boring, house-wise.

On Friday, a guy from the shed company showed up to reframe the gables and install the vents. He was in and out pretty quickly and then the shed was complete.

On Saturday, Noel painted the shed floor with epoxy paint to make a nice, cleanable surface:

Painted shed floor

The idea being that when I inevitably track dirt in there we can just sweep it out and wash the floor and it will look nice. We let that dry for 24 hours, per the label instructions, and then spent basically a day moving stuff from the basement and from various stacks around the yard in.

The yard is looking a whole lot less junky without stacks and stacks of empty plant pots and assorted watering and gardening tools lying around, that's for sure.

Filled up shed

I have some more work to do on putting things on the shelves -- I need to bring a step stool out for the higher shelves -- and there are some more larger items that will go in there eventually, but this made a huge difference in the yard already.

The basement has been kind of like those sliding tile puzzles, but with no open space. Now we've removed one tile and can get at all the piles of packed up stuff down there to go through it and clear out things we no longer need. I'm very much looking forward to having the space to do that.

posted by ayse on 07/06/21

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