Garden Report: July 20

A couple weeks ago I planted up the bog garden, and it's ready to just take some time and grow in (I actually wrote this post a couple weeks ago then forgot to post it). I ordered some plants from online nurseries, and if I get any more it will be at the local carnivorous plant society show and sale in September.

From Sarracenia Northwest, I ordered these guys:

Judith Hindle and Dente

This is Sarracenia 'Judith Hindle' and Dionaea 'Dente' which came potted together. I like the red pitchers on Judith Hindle and wanted a couple flytraps because they are showy and grow well here. The bundle was well priced.

Drosera intermedia

I also got this Drosera intermedia, which you can see is already catching bugs. The shipping shook all the dew off the leaves, but it took about a week to get it back with full sun and a couple warm days. I like how sundews like this make a nice groundcover in a mixed container.

Feist dog unnamed hybrid

And finally I got what they call a "Feist Dog" hybrid. These are unnamed hybrids sold by characteristic, which suits me just fine. You see the two flies on this one? They didn't last five minutes longer before they fell into the pitcher.

I also ordered a couple plants from Plant Delights as part of a larger order.

King Henry flytrap

This is 'King Henry' living up to the reputation of Prince Hal. I don't bother feeding carnivorous plants, they just catch this stuff on their own.

Dixie Lace

And this sarracenia is 'Dixie Lace' which is one of my favourites. It's a bit of a slow grower which is just fine by me.

And finally, a neighbor was moving away and selling a bunch of unnamed random carnivorous plants, and I got a couple pots of droseras. These are photos from those plants, now planted into the tub garden:

Mixed drosera from a neighbor

Each of the pots had multiple crowns in it, and a couple different species of sundews.

Drosera blooms

Some of them were in bloom, and should set seed and self-sow.

Drosera eating

And all of them have caught their own fertilizer since they came over here.

I'm making some simple modifications to the tub garden this week to add an automatic water dripper using an old sink and some tubing. It's kind of a mess right now but once it is running it will automate the process of keeping the tub uniformly wet. It's not in a good place for photos yet, but soon.

posted by ayse on 07/20/21

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