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We took a bit of a break there -- "break" is definitely the wrong word, though. After a bunch of discussions, my parents finally agreed to move to be closer to us, though they will be living in a nice condo by the beach rather than with us for the time being. At the same time, the city finally got around to issuing the permit for our greenhouse.

We got started in September when we got the condo. It was not going to be worth shipping every piece of furniture from the house in New York all the way to California, so Noel and I made a list of furniture we needed to get ready for them and got to work.

Furnishing the condo

Most of the furnishing we did was very simple: a bed, new curtain rods and drapes, rugs, and bookcases. I did spend one afternoon there hemming drapes to fit around the radiators. In the process I managed to lose half the finials from the rods, but eventually they will turn up.

Then for six weeks we alternated flying to New York and packing the household up there with each other, so we barely saw each other.

Packing the old homestead

In one week, I packed 58 boxes of books, which was about half of them. This was my childhood bedroom which my mother used as an office because it had this great floor-to-ceiling book wall. I'm sure when we get the books to California we will get rid of some of them, but I didn't want to spend the time on that process on that end. Pick your battles, right?


The garden designers we hired to come up with a new plan for the garden presented their work to us, which was really interesting and I need to give them some feedback on it when I have the time. We'd like to get them started on working on it soon so the landscape is less of a complete mess.

And we finally got our permit to build the greenhouse, and the contractor had space in his schedule to start last week. Which was when we were actually going to be in New York doing the actual move, loading my parents and the maximum allowed amount of checked luggage onto a plane and getting them out here.

Greenhouse layout started

They got started with a lot of digging and layout, and made good progress.

By Friday last week the rain had started and they took the day off. Then basically four inches of rain fell in one weekend, which made everything more exciting. And of course our weather station stopped working the week before and we didn't notice until after we missed recording the biggest rainfall in a few years.

Wet chickens

I swear, the fact that the chickens refuse to stay indoors when it is raining and then get so angry about getting wet continues to be one of the funniest parts of having them.

posted by ayse on 10/26/21