More Greenhouse progress

We've had a fair amount of work getting systems in place for my parents' new place, which has been eating up literally every minute of my time including time I should probably have been spending on work.

In the meantime, a couple things:

On Tuesday, the contractor got concrete in for the slab for the greenhouse base. We'd thought it would work Monday but the forecast said rain all day which it did in fact do much of the day. So Tuesday, after a bit of a rainy morning, we got this.

Greenhouse slab

All this rain has led to a bit of a boom in the tub garden.

Unknown volunteers in the bog garden

These are probably from seeds from the assorted drosera in there, but could be random seeds in the potting media of any of the plants I bought, too. A squirrel was in there digging around and flinging the potting media left and right (and burying live oak acorns), so things got a little jumbled up.

Fly trapped in the sarracenia

While I was weeding some other little seedlings out of there -- grass and some other random non-bog plants -- I noticed one of the sarracenia had a dinner guest. The garden is doing nicely even with some pretty bad neglect this last couple months. The heavy rainfall has made up for any deficiencies in my caretaking.

The thing I did this weekend was order a sofa for my parents' place. I went to a few places looking for the right thing -- I needed a sofa that was not too gigantic as is to fashionable right now -- and ended up ordering one from Custom Sofa Co. in Oakland. They are not a chain as far as I can tell, and there are a couple local companies that have a similar concept. You basically build the sofa you want from the options they have and it comes in about a month.

I chose this midcentury look but went with a cherry red fabric. I think it will look amazing with the rug in the living room.

the model sofa I chose for the condo

(All that stuff on the sofa is part of the process: clipboard with details of the sofa wanted, bundle of fabric samples, and measuring tape.)

So the week starts with us in this place:

Wall formwork

After the slab cured for a day or so, the contractor showed up and started the formwork for the walls. I need to meet with them tomorrow morning to talk about a couple needed blockouts for services -- water and electrical need to get through the wall. But I look forward to being able to start building the actual greenhouse on top of this soon.

posted by ayse on 11/07/21