Greenhouse Construction, Part Two (ish)

In order to work on the greenhouse, we need three things to be true:

1. It has not rained for at least three days

2. It is a day when we both don't have to work (I work some weekend days)

3. We are both in town

And guess how often that has been true lately? I was most bummed that over Christmas we both took off a week to be home and there were zero days when it was dry enough to work on the greenhouse.

There was one day when we managed to get out and install the doors, but we were stalled after that because we had a bit of a mystery about a step in the instructions.

Door in place

The doors do look fantastic, though. And I cannot wait to have those three things line up so we can get this puppy squared up and take the next steps.

Greenhouse with door and chickens

The thing that held us up, by the way, was that the instructions told us to line up the glass channels on the beam across the doorway with the channels on the eave beam.

Mystery glazing channels

Do you see channels? Because we puzzled over this for quite some time. Finally I sent a photo and question in email to the manufacturer. They got back to me the next business day, as you would expect, which answered that question (the channels get attached manually later so no need to align them) but since then we haven't had all three requirements lined up, and this weekend isn't going to work, too.

Yeah. Anyway.

Magnolia in bloom

In other news, the magnolia is blooming this week and looking fantastic. The arborist came today to give him his annual prune but only did a light one. The mulberry got a heavier prune (definitely needed) which should help with our intense mulberry harvest this summer.

So cross your fingers for a dry weekend next week.

posted by ayse on 02/17/22