Landscaping Reboot: The Prequel

Hey, long time no write. We have spent literally months in a weird pattern. To repeat our last post, in order to work on the greenhouse, we need a few things:

1. It has not rained for at least three days

2. It is a day when we both don't have to work (I work some weekend days)

3. We are both in town

Surprisingly, the one of these we have not had the best luck with is #1.

It keeps raining a little

Seriously, this photo is from July 2.

Anyway, there hasn't been much to write about. But this week things started getting more exciting. We have been working with a design/build landscaping company to come up with a detailed landscape/hardscape plan, and for a while it looked like work might start in the fall sometime, but they were able to move us up and get things going this month. They also asked if we'd be open to having them come do the demo work -- removing weeds and pulling back the overgrown landscape that exists -- in advance. And today was the day for that.

The back 40 in its full glory

This is what the ack yard looked like in April, at the end of the rainy season, before we whacked the heck out of the overgrown grass and stuff. Even so, it was pretty overgrown and there was a particular thicket that I felt kind of bad about.

Deforestation in progress

Well, today some nice folks showed up and whacked the heck out of the yard.

(Yes, that's another tub; a client gave it to me. A story as old as time. It will be another planter.)

This photo is pretty terrible because I took it from upstairs and the screen was in the way, so here:

All the piles of stuff pulled out of the yard

These are the landscape dump bags from one day of three people attacking our yard. Pretty impressive, considering what they left behind in the back, as well. I'm still pretty grumpy about the gravel that got dumped in this spot during construction, but that will end up under a path so it will be OK.

The carnage

The back yard is looking a lot more opened up and beaten down, now.

Closer in

As you can see there are still piles of pulled weeds, and they still have a bunch more work to do. Today was a random empty day between jobs so they won't be back until next week at the soonest, which gives us some time to clean up some of our junk that was lying around under all that grass. And I need to prune the Cecile Brunner rose back to a nub for the year.

Also, we are hoping to finish squaring the greenhouse this weekend, assuming it doesn't rain between now and Saturday.

posted by ayse on 08/11/22