Grading Work

Last week the landscapers arrived in earnest, and started the work of transforming the garden. A lot of the work is "demolition" -- weed removal. Today, in the middle of a heat wave, they started grading out levels.

Back garden grading in process

In this photo you can see the paths marked out a little. Between the last post and last week, I slooooowly moved the bees into the greenhouse where they would be out of the way.

And man, it was bad enough working inside where it was in the eighties (we turned the AC up to save electricity); at one point today the weather station recorded a temperature over 100F (readings from the weather station are a little suspect now because it's position was compromised by the barn shed). To help out the gardeners we put a small refrigerator in the chicken shed for drinks. But still.

So that's pretty much the update. I'm excited to see this come together. I was just looking through last year's planner for some information and saw that this time last year we were meeting with the designers and talking about what we wanted, and now here it is.

posted by ayse on 09/06/22