Heat and Hot Water

Yesterday, the heating guys finished installing the furnace system, and John and I watched as the house went from uncomfortably cold to quite liveable.

68 degrees

This is what the final, installed furnace looks like, hanging from the floor of the Front Parlour in the crawlspace:


The only major impact on the house is that the return duct takes up about half our closet space under the stairs, but we can live with that.

return duct

Today, the guys came back and finalized some stuff with the furnace (I think they insulated some parts of it and tightened things up). Then they worked like mad on replacing the water heater.

The old water heater, draining:

old water heater

Its replacement:

new water heater - outside

The final installation, hanging from the ceiling to it will lift when the house is lifted for foundation work. Once the foundation work is done, they'll come back and set it back on the floor on a metal platform. Though I have to admit I like the hanging platform a lot.

new water heater - installed

posted by ayse on 12/15/04